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Source from Asia & China wholesale suppliers & manufacturers.

Our Unique Values:

Relevant - More than 15 years experience in buyer-supplier matching.

Reliable - Proven in the world's largest trade fairs.

Resourceful - Our partner offices worldwide situated closer to your time zone and speak your language to provide support.

Playing the role of matchmaker between Asian, especially with Chineese suppliers and overseas buyers.

Key Features:
- Multi-dimensional view on suppliers
- Manufacturing capability checking
- Operational controls and capabilities checking
- Verification on Quality, Social, Environmental and Security Compliance

The service can help suppliers demonstrate their integrity by displaying the essential information which buyers and forge genuine business connections.

To help you make smarter sourcing decisions, we have partnered with several world renowned third-party authorities that will help verify information provided by suppliers and ensure from the beginning that you will have valid certificates not only for customs clearance.

Customers from various countries and regions are welcome to establish and develop business contacts with Asia, especially with China.


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